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Plant-Spirit Healing Treatments

*** Please note that, due to Covid-19 restrictions, it will be late 2021 before Treatments are available again ***


 Each session of Plant-Spirit Healing is individualised. 

During our 1st Consultation, I will take a complete case history and we will discuss what treatments are most appropriate to start.

Smudging, an energy scan, and a treatment for clearing any energy blockages will always be given.

Generally we would work with Chakra Balancing first, as this can identify any unhelpful patterns that can inhibit progress.  

After treatment a flower essence mix will usually be given as a support to the integration process,

and we will discuss which Plants have supported your process and their specific gifts you have received.

Within a Plant-Spirit Healing session any of the following Treatments can be applied:

Flower Essence Dowsing

Chakra Balancing

ReCharge & ReBalance

Blueprint for Life or Individual Projects

Aura Cleansing & Removal of Intrusive Energy

Ancestral Work

Integrating the Shadow & Golden Shadow

Soul Retrieval / Retrieving Wholeness

Green Breath Transformational Ceremony

Soul Retrievals & Greenbreath Transformational Ceremony can only be booked when I have seen the Client at least once before.

Initial Consultation (1 hr & 15 minutes) €75, incl integrative flower essence

Thereafter sliding scale fees (45 mins to 1 hour) €45 - €60, incl integrative flower essence

Soul Retrieval (1 hr & 15 minutes) €90, incl integrative flower essence

Greenbreath Transformational Ceremony (1 hr & 30 minutes) €110, incl integrative flower essence


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