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Sensory awareness meditation for nature connection
Deepen nature connectedness meditation.m

A deeply enriching part of my work has been to share some of my knowledge through workshops and training courses. 

At the core of all that I teach is the sincere wish that it nurtures a deeper connection between people,  plants the landscape and our natural heritage.

At the bottom of this page are two of my guided meditations for nature connectedness, which you can enjoy if you wish.

Areas in which I teach are listed here, along with some regular workshops.
If you are interested in more information, or attending or hosting any of these please get in touch via

 •  'Forest Bathing' (Shinrin-Yoku) Guided Walks.
Forest Bathing is a health promoting nature connection practice that aims to enhance wellbeing, reduce stress and encourage relaxation. During a walk you will be gently guided through a series of nature connection & mindfulness invitations at a very gentle pace. Opportunity for reflection & sharing are offered throughout the walk, & we finish the experience with a tea ceremony.

• Nature Connection and Human Health & Wellbeing  (Online or in-person)

• Hedgerow Magic guided walks with Golden Thread Tours; The Golden Thread


• 'The Hawthorn Way'  One-to-one Mentoring for Professionals in Plant-Spirit Healing (Online or in-person)

• 'Reclaiming our Roots'  Re-establishing Community Herbal Remedy making


• I teach Natural Cosmetic Making at Irish Seed Savers Association in March and November each year; see Irish Seed Savers Association for full details & booking


• I am also on the Tutor Panel with the Clare Local Development Social Inclusion Programme


Training & Workshops

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