Ingredients : Organic Rose Hydrosol, Vibrational Essences of Wild Rose and Full-Moon Hawthorn

Heart Chakra Mist

  • Flower Essence Aura Mists can be used to strengthen the aura or particular chakra.

    Heart Chakra mist combines a magnificent organic and sustainably sourced Rose Water with Vibrational essences of Wild Rose and Hawthorn

    To use: Ground yourself and feel yourself grounded, then spray liberally through the whole aura.  Wait until the mist has settled around you, breathing in it's fragrance.

    This product pairs beautifully with our Heart Potion Elixir, giving all around support with both internal and external use.


    All essences and products containing them are walked through a labyrinth, representing wholeness and the essences' ability to assist us in rediscovering our wholeness.