Ingredients : Vodka, Organic Neroli Hydrosol, Essential Oils of Org Bergamot, Org Lavender, Org Rosemary, May Chang, Jasmine, Rose & Tulsi, Vibrational Essences of St John's Wort, Archangelica Angelica & Tulsi.

Aqua de Florida - Neroli

  • Florida Water is a charged water that is used for energetic cleansing & protection, much the same as smudging.  It can be used for cleansing spaces - going around the perimeter of a room, for example, or for over a bed for nightmares or disturbed sleep.  It can also be used as an Aura Mist, spray through the whole aura.

    I make my Florida Waters to a traditional recipe (with an option for Rose or Neroli Hydrosol), and include essences of St John's Wort, Angelica, and Tulsi for added protection & support.


    All essences and products containing them are walked through a labyrinth, representing wholeness and the essences' ability to assist us in rediscovering our wholeness.