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About Sarah

About Sarah

Welcome, my name is Sarah Thompson, and my home is in the woodlands of the beautiful, and wild, West of Ireland.  

My training is both Traditional (Forest Therapy Institute EU, Bach Flower Institute UK, College of Natural Nutrition UK)

and Intuitive (Plant Spirit Healing with Pam Montgomery USA,

Way of the Wise Healer with Carole Guyett, IET with Gretta Murphy in Ireland).  I'm also entirely grateful for all my learning direct from my plant allies.  In 2015 I was delighted to be accepted as a student of the Ven. Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche in the Tibetan Buddhist Longchen Nyingtik lineage (Nyingma Tradition).

  I offer a range of one-to-one Plant-Spirit Healing treatments and dowsed Flower Essence consultations, in Co Clare and Limerick.

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It is a pure joy for me to make Hedgerow Apothecary Flower Essences, many of them from my own garden and woodland, along with a small selection of natural skincare products, elixirs and nutritional teas.

I am delighted to offer Forest Bathing Guided Walks, as well as workshops & training in Nature Connection, Plant-Spirit Healing, Herbal Remedy making and Natural Cosmetic making.

I also offer an online one-to-one Mentoring programme for professionals who wish to bring elements of Plant-Spirit Healing to their existing therapeutic practice.

I have been lucky enough to have had a childhood filled with the enchantment of nature, immersed in the lustre of this land, still magical in places.  As a child I discovered the treasure of hedgerows and explored in wonder the sensed boundaries of fairy forts and special  places, observing and sensing as I walked their paths.

This exploration and play, discovery and surrender, are companions also in my adult life and they, along with my unending appreciation for the gifts our native plants have to offer, have guided my work with clients and with the products I create.

Simply put, I love plants & I love people,

& I love the potential that nature connection can bring into our lives

About Plant-Spirit Healing

What is Plant-Spirit Healing?

We all need friends and support throughout our lives. 

And we all have a natural appreciation for, and enjoyment of, our friends and support.    

What is wonderful is that our local and native Plants who grow near us and all around us generously offer their friendship and support to all who ask.  They offer us the experience of profound connection, to live in reciprocity and to simply appreciate them in a deeper way, as their gifts unfurl into our lives.

Plant-Spirit Healing is a healing modality which offers the opportunity for deep connection, personal transformation, and a greater understanding of ourselves and our gifts, which all naturally give rise to a sense of connectivity in life and individual purpose.  This enhances a sense of well-being and peace in one's life.  

Plant-Spirit Healing engages the sentient aspect of Plants - their individual and collective gifts - for our healing, our spiritual advancement or simply to offer support when it is needed.

Plant-Spirit Healing treatments might include Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Smudging, Energy ReAlignment, Recharge & ReBalance, or deeper work such as Soul Retrieval (Reclaiming Wholeness)

or a Greenbreath Transformational Ceremony.


All treatments are stabilised by Hedgerow Apothecary Flower Essences and perhaps an Herbal Tea, and include a thorough discussion on which Plants supported the treatment (and their gifts you received during treatment).

For more information please see Treatments Page


Contact Us

Unfurl with Plant-Spirit Healing
& Hedgerow Apothecary

Whitegate, Co Clare, Ireland

Tel: +353 89 2350807 


What people say about my work ...

'Our time with you was absolutely wonderful - so enlivening, enriching, nourishing and powerful.  You are a gifted healer and it was a complete privilege to have met you and worked with you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.'  

Jennifer, USA

'Wonderful day in beautiful surroundings. Good for the soul.’ Siobhan, Ireland

'Sarah practises great generosity in sharing her long-standing relationship with the plants, and is a passionate and knowledgeable tutor.'

Jeanne, Ireland

'Natural Cosmetics course was so much more than that – it was holistic approach to life with herbs + oils. Fantastic.'

Pamela, Ireland

'What a lovely, relaxing and informative day!  Many thanks to Sarah, a fabulous course leader!' Sarah, Ireland

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